[Twisted-web] Cache-friendly Nevow pages

Mary Gardiner mary-twisted at puzzling.org
Sun Aug 8 00:41:01 MDT 2004

On Sun, Aug 08, 2004, James Y Knight wrote:
> So, for dynamically generated pages, I'd do something similar (e.g. 
> your #1). Not sure what you mean about about reducing flexibility or 
> what you mean about it making you need to restart the server. If you 
> have to restart the server every time you change a template (e.g. for 
> stan), use the server start time as part of the ETag. Otherwise, use 
> the template modtime. The file-based doc-factories do store mtime, 
> although it's currently in a private attribute. That will get updated 
> when the template is reloaded.

Of course you're right about the expense of generating the content,
although in some cases, if bandwidth is an issue, the generation time
might be an acceptable expense against the saving in bandwidth.

Ok, I didn't know the file based templates already had this data. It
sounds like that is the way to go then. It's a shame in a way, stan is
quite a nice way to template :)



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