[Twisted-web] Web rewrite plan

Donovan Preston dp at ulaluma.com
Sat Apr 24 10:26:19 MDT 2004

On Apr 24, 2004, at 3:34 AM, James Y Knight wrote:

> Open question: does Nevow go into twisted/web/? If so, how do we 
> handle standalone (not depending on twisted at all) nevow? Perhaps 
> standalone nevow is just a branch of twisted/web/nevow/ with 
> appropriate modifications? If nevow isn't a package in twisted/web, 
> dirlist and failure can't go into twisted.web because they depend on 
> Nevow.

Here is what I am thinking: Nevow should be a standalone package, but 
should also be included with twisted.web. I would prefer that  nevow 
*not* be included in the twisted. package, but be shipped with the 
twisted.web tarball.


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