[Twisted-web] Re: Twisted & legacy code - Unorthodox? Opinion s wanted

Harald.Nyman at AstraZeneca.com Harald.Nyman at AstraZeneca.com
Sat Apr 24 01:47:57 MDT 2004


Ok ok, I give in - yes, it's a hack, and no, it doesn't make optimal
use of Twisted. Full confession. Still, I'd humbly like my obituary
to mention that it was a little bit of a "clever" hack - couple days
to put an afterburner on that ole CGI code... :)

Have started to look at Nevow (howz that pronounced anyway??) - looks

"Warum es einfach machen, wenn man es so schön komplizieren kann!"

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> a much better platform for web development than the Javascript/socket
> mess you've suggested above
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