[Twisted-web] Re: session, quick one

Lee Harr missive at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 22 21:51:12 MDT 2004

>I have troubles with my web sessions. They seem to expire after 20min or
>How do I set the expiration time for sessions in twisted?
>I already tried to set the cookie's expiration time which holds the
>session id but did not have any luck with that.

I tried this ...

cd .../Nevow/
grep -rin expire *

... and found a bunch of session stuff in nevow/guard.py

    # timeouts and expiration

    def setLifetime(self, lifetime):
        """Set the approximate lifetime of this session, in seconds.

        This is highly imprecise, but it allows you to set some general
        parameters about when this session will expire.  A callback will be
        scheduled each 'lifetime' seconds, and if I have not been 
        in half a lifetime, I will be immediately expired.
        self.lifetime = lifetime


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