[Twisted-web] Unwinding the Twisted Web (a progress report)

Christopher Armstrong radix at twistedmatrix.com
Thu Apr 22 13:24:53 MDT 2004

David Reid wrote:
> I had been trying to straighten out the model for the split since my
> first post to twisted-web regarding it.  Now that radix, and exarkun
> have split twisted.news out of the core codebase as "lowdown". 

Sorry, but we've changed that again. :-) It's now (going to be) 
'tmlabs.news', and the project name will probably remain "Twisted News". 
(This is why we split news first, so we could go back and forth without 
anybody caring about the project we're jerking around. :)

> Since
> then I have begun work on my own source tree of twisted.web, the module
> has been split as "unwound" which is my proposed name as mentioned in
> the numerous naming threads (to be installed as tmlabs.unwound if
> desired.)  

> If there are no complaints about this I'm asking someone (like radix) to
> help me complete the rest of the steps necessary to make this the
> official split so i can start working on changes and enhancements.  The
> things I can't do on my own, atleast not as part of twistedmatrix.com is
> setup the SVN repo and the project page.

I'm kind of apprehensive about doing this split so suddenly, as we 
haven't figured out the process of doing the split with other less 
important packages. e.g., we don't even have a working tmlabs.news 
package yet. Also, I would like to *close* the issue of naming first 
(see below for my opinion). We didn't do that before doing the 
twisted.news split, and we had to do a bunch of extra unnecessary work 
because of it.

> Also it appears if radix and exarkun did not solve (or atleast did not
> implmenet a solution for) the tap naming conflicts.  I.E. if lowdown or
> tmlabs.lowdown is going to use mktap news or mktap lowdown instead.

Actually, we did. The solution is to REMOVE the tap from Twisted proper. 
In fact, we removed *all* news/nntp code from Twisted proper, and just 
put in compatibility modules that imported stuff from lowdown (soon to 
be changed to tmlabs.news). So there is backwards compatibility for 
SOURCE, but you need to install the new package if you want it. That new 
package provides the (only) tapper.

> Other than that, Unwound is currently a useable tree of twisted.web At
> revision 10601.
> (I'm open to changing the name to either tmlabs.web or some cute/catchy
> name other than 'unwound', but ultimately I think that is a policy
> decision that falls on the core twisted devs.)

Indeed, I think we should stick with the current names, with only a 
s/twisted/tmlabs/ change.

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