[Twisted-web] Nevow/twisted.web code contribution

Ed Suominen ed at eepatents.com
Tue Apr 20 11:38:09 MDT 2004

Here is a link to a tarball containing a text button generator
module for use with nevow/twisted. The tarball contains button.py, a
.ttf font file, an example file, test modules, and a copy of the


I hope you will find this contribution worthy of inclusion in nevow-0.2
or twisted-web, whichever makes more sense. (Since nevow deals with
content generation, I figured that would be the logical choice, but I
could be wrong.)

Please note that I'll give this code to either project under whatever
OSI-approved license you choose to use for the whole project. Just let
me know what you're using and change the header text accordingly. I
would like my name and URL left in the header text, however.

Best regards, Ed

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