[Twisted-web] Naming the split.

Phil Frost indigo at unununium.org
Tue Apr 20 09:00:45 MDT 2004

On Tue, Apr 20, 2004 at 10:01:21AM +0100, Matt Goodall wrote:
> On Tue, 2004-04-20 at 06:19, David Reid wrote:
> > These are some of the names that were thrown around the other day during
> > a discussion #twisted.web about naming the split.  Some are dependent on
> > it being installed under the twisted namespace... since radix has said
> > that is a no go, I'm going to omit the "twisted." and see how they stand
> > on their own.
> > 
> > unwound
> > stem
> > qem
> > newvo
> > labryinth
> > charlotte
> > weevil
> > ferret
> > eighty
> > spider
> > lattice
> > matrix
> > trellis
> > kudzu
> > arachnid
> > assassin
> > wev
> > weever
> > vewon
> > world
> > waffle
> >From the above I like:
>   unwound
>   charlotte (but probably a bit whimisical to many people)
> Some other ideas:
>   firestarter	(obligatory music reference)
>   silk
>   sticky
>   tangled
>   warp
>   widow		(perhaps a little negative ;-))
> I think something short and snappy is best. Try typing the package name
> a few times to test. I find 'unwound' easy to type but I'm not so sure
> about 'charlotte'.
> Cheers, Matt
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If you used dvorak, all of those would be easy to type :-) I think any
name chosen should not be common word, because it makes finding
information on that thing very hard. For example, compare google
searches for "nevow" and "woven".

That said, here are three methods for making such names:
- acronyms. BORING!
- concatenating two words. works, but must be creative, so don't look at
  me :)
- making your own words. Pretty hard to do, so I wrote a small program
  to make some ideas. Let's see if anyone can figure out how I did it:


Of course, some of these could be tweaked to be more pronouncable. I
like "eraweb" or "seraweb" personally. I'm kinda bummed that they all
end in "web" though - perhaps someone can devise a better procedure for
generating ideas.

Another idea, why not put all these ideas on a webpage, and allow people
to mark and submit suggestions. I'm sure it will lead to no consensus,
but it should at least narrow the possibilities. I'm willing to write
it, if it's a worthwhile idea.

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