[Twisted-web] Naming the split.

Jonathan Vanasco jvanasco at mastersofbranding.com
Tue Apr 20 13:55:44 MDT 2004

There's a german band called The Notwist, which made me think of the 
And then I thought of bad unix naming conventions from acronyms, like 
Tinta -> "This Is Not Twisted Anymore"

You can always use names that lead to funny/weird sentences for people 
with the mind of a 12yr old.
	>'How are you getting on with that refactor of 
	>'How are you getting on with that refactor of lowdown/<cool 

If you called it "Uranus" then the conversation would start off:
	'How are you getting on with that refactor of uranus?'

Just a thought.  A bad one, but a though.

On Apr 20, 2004, at 1:19 AM, David Reid wrote:

> These are some of the names that were thrown around the other day 
> during
> a discussion #twisted.web about naming the split.  Some are dependent 
> on
> it being installed under the twisted namespace... since radix has said
> that is a no go, I'm going to omit the "twisted." and see how they 
> stand
> on their own.
> unwound
> stem
> qem
> newvo
> labryinth
> charlotte
> weevil
> ferret
> eighty
> spider
> lattice
> matrix
> trellis
> kudzu
> arachnid
> assassin
> wev
> weever
> vewon
> world
> waffle
> Yeah ok and there were a lot more completely stupid names thrown 
> around.
> If my opinion matters any I like: unwound, charlotte, and eighty.
> --David
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