[Twisted-web] Apache and Twisted

Mark Harrison mivok at mivok.net
Mon Apr 19 17:52:53 MDT 2004

> Is there a fix for vhostmonster dreid?
> That proxypass technique doesn't give my pastebin very good URLs.

Forgive me if I'm being a little clueless here (I've not used 
vhostmonster and have just read about what it is), but what problems 
are there when you use the ProxyPassReverse directive in apache to deal 
with the redirects etc. and use relative (or relative to site root) 
links in any pages you generate? I'm assuming here that vhostmonster 
also rewrites links in pages before sending them to the client.

The reason I'm asking is that is what I am doing now, and haven't 
noticed any problems (yet!). Is there anything else I should be looking 
out for?


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