[Twisted-web] how do i write to the new svn repository to commit a bugfix...?

Matt Goodall matt at pollenation.net
Mon Apr 19 08:02:57 MDT 2004

On Mon, 2004-04-19 at 14:46, Alex Martelli wrote:
> I think I had write access back when nevow was under CVS, but I don't know
> what I should do to get it back now it's under nevow instead.  Anyway,
> there's a tiny bug in rend.py I just fixed and I can't commit the fix...:
> $ svn diff rend.py
> Index: rend.py

> I'd appreciate [a] if someone could commit this,

Done. Thanks for the patch.

> [b] if someone could
> explain to me (assuming I _am_ supposed to still have write access) how I
> do the equivalent of a "svn login" given that said command isn't there;-).

Assuming you still have an account on divmod.org then you can use the
following to get everything (trunk, branches, tags etc):

        svn co svn+ssh://username@divmod.org/svn/Nevow

        svn co svn+ssh://username@divmod.org/svn/Nevow/trunk Nevow

if you're only interested in the trunk. Replace 'username'.

Cheers, Matt

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