[Twisted-web] Re: list archives?

Lee Harr missive at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 2 21:08:24 MST 2004

>>I sent through another subscription request and still never got a reply.
>>The list is available on gmane, so I don't really need to get the list
>>but I don't want to bug you with having to moderate my posts through.
>Well, I could just add you to an "Accept" filter, but I want to figure
>out why subscription isn't working for you. How far are you getting? Do
>you get the "Please respond to this mail to confirm" message? Or not
>even that? When I tested subscription (before I fixed it), I got the
>"please reply" message, but since the "twisted-web-request" alias was
>broken, the response I sent never got processed. That should be fixed now.

No, I never received any emails at all from the system.

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