[Twisted-web] Re: list archives?

Christopher Armstrong radix at twistedmatrix.com
Fri Apr 2 19:39:46 MST 2004

Lee Harr wrote:
>>>> Also, I sent through a subscription request but never heard anything
>>>> back, so I hope someone sees this at all  :o)
>>> I'll investigate this now.
>> Fixed. exim was running the mailman stuff as the incorrect uid/gid.
> Yes, I see the archives now... thanks.
> I sent through another subscription request and still never got a reply.
> The list is available on gmane, so I don't really need to get the list 
> mails,
> but I don't want to bug you with having to moderate my posts through.

Well, I could just add you to an "Accept" filter, but I want to figure 
out why subscription isn't working for you. How far are you getting? Do 
you get the "Please respond to this mail to confirm" message? Or not 
even that? When I tested subscription (before I fixed it), I got the 
"please reply" message, but since the "twisted-web-request" alias was 
broken, the response I sent never got processed. That should be fixed now.

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