[Twisted-Python] Asynchronously initializing objects in twisted.web?

Alexey Panyovin a at runtel.ru
Tue Sep 8 12:41:06 MDT 2015

from twisted.webimport server, resource
from twisted.internetimport reactor, defer

class Simple(resource.Resource):
     isLeaf =True def render_GET(self, request):
         return "<html>Hello, world!</html>" def call_me():
     d = defer.Deferred()
     print "Get something" d.callback("success")
     return d

def run_web(_):
     print "run_web" site = server.Site(Simple())
     reactor.listenTCP(8080, site)

d = call_me()


08.09.15 17:51, Nagy, Attila пишет:

> Hi,
> I wonder, if I have this example program:
> https://twistedmatrix.com/documents/current/web/howto/using-twistedweb.html#site-objects 
> how do I initialize an external resource (like a dictionary, which is 
> fetched from a database) with asynchronous twisted tools, but before 
> the HTTP server starts listening on its port?
> The goal here is that the HTTP server shouldn't start until it can 
> fetch the desired data. Of course I can do this in a synchronous way, 
> but it feels so unnatural and bad practice to fetch the same stuff 
> synchronously on initialization and asynchronously when the 
> program/reactor is running (often with different libraries).
> Thanks,
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