[Twisted-Python] npyscreen Twisted Reactor

Mark Tearle mark at tearle.com
Sat Sep 5 04:34:04 MDT 2015

Thanks, positive feedback is appreciated.  :)

Will work on both your suggestions, and hopefully do an update soon.


Mark Tearle <mark at tearle.com>
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On Sat, Sep 5, 2015, at 02:23 PM, Glyph wrote:
> This is certainly a pretty cool announcement.  Thanks for sharing!
> I have two suggestions:
>  1. It would be nice if this could be `pip install´ed, which would mean adding a `setup.py´ and uploading something to PyPI.
>  2. We generally try to reserve the word "Twisted" for packages actually within Twisted to avoid confusion.  Would you consider adopting the community naming conventions for packages ("tx")?  As a bonus, this might shorten the name a bit.  Perhaps "ntxscreen", or "txnpyscreen"?
> Thanks!
> -glyph
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