[Twisted-Python] Crossbar.io 0.11.0

Tobias Oberstein tobias.oberstein at tavendo.de
Mon Sep 7 14:31:48 MDT 2015

Hi all,

I am pleased to announce Crossbar.io 0.11.0


Crossbar.io is an open-source WAMP application router that allows to 
build advanced applications from loosely-coupled components that can 
talk in real-time with each other.

This is a big release:

- Python 3 support! Yes, that's right. Crossbar.io now runs on Py3.
- Node, worker and component start/stop/failure behavior improved a lot
- new File Upload Service
- new Web Hook Service
- Complete new logging system (structured logging + color!)
- Improved both Crossbar's own logging, and logging from user components
- Lots of issues and corner-cases fixed
- Automated testing / CI on 8 platform combinations
- Much improved unit test coverage

A big chunk of the credits for this go to Crossbar.io core devs

Amber "hawkie" / http://atleastfornow.net/
Mike "meejah" / https://meejah.ca/

Both are working on CB under Tavendo contract. This release simply 
wouldn't be as awesome as it is without them! Period. hawkie and meejah 
are experienced, creative, precise and just cool Python devs, can't say 
how happy we are to work with them;)

Then the "File Upload Service" was contributed by

Marko (Record Evolution)

Record Evolution is using Crossbar.io and Autobahn throughout their 
RE.base and RE.porter products. Happy users make new contributors!

You can find the docs for the new user visible features here:


Ah, speaking of docs. Yeah, needs to improve, we know. And it's coming! 
We have a complete new launch of the Crossbar.io Web site including docs 
in the cooking. Stay tuned!


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