[Twisted-Python] Twisted 15.2 Prerelease Announcement

HawkOwl hawkowl at atleastfornow.net
Mon May 11 06:54:32 MDT 2015

Hello everyone! It's about time that the owl-themed release management simulation kicked into high-gear, and as such, I delivereth to you all the first prerelease of Twisted 15.2.

Bringing not only headlining features but also a lot of incremental improvements, this release has got plenty to like:

- twisted.logger has landed! This is a brand-new, feature-rich logging framework.
- Python 3.4 is now a supported platform for all the Py3 ported modules.
- twisted.trial.unittest.TestCase's assertEqual, assertTrue, and assertFalse methods now pass through the standard library's more informative failure messages.
- twisted.python.filepath.FilePath now supports Unicode (text) paths properly, and includes as{Bytes,Text}Mode methods for interacting with APIs that require a text/bytes-only FilePath.
- twisted.mail.smtp.sendmail now supports ESMTP and provides a high-level interface for sending mail.
- The following parts of Twisted are now ported to Python 3:
    - twisted.internet.process
    - twisted.cred.credentials
    - twisted.python.modules
    - twisted.internet.kqreactor
    - twisted.internet.endpoints.ProcessEndpoint
    - twisted.web.static

As usual, tarballs can be found at http://twistedmatrix.com/Releases/pre/15.2.0pre1/ , and the full NEWS file can be found at http://twistedmatrix.com/Releases/pre/15.2.0pre1/NEWS.txt .

On a personal note, I'd like to thank Tavendo for sponsoring a majority of my Py3 porting work, and everyone who reviewed tickets for getting it landed.

Please test out the new prerelease :)

Twisted regards,
Amber "Hawkie" Brown
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