[Twisted-Python] Weta Digital is hiring

Donal McMullan donal.mcmullan at gmail.com
Fri Mar 29 22:23:55 EDT 2013

"Weta Digital is a world leading visual effects company based in
Wellington, New Zealand."

  The "Production Engineer" roles on our jobs page are heavily Python
focused. Some of that Python code will be inside applications like
Autodesk's Maya or the Foundry's Nuke, but most of it will solve the kinds
of problems I'm sure most of you work on routinely.

  For example, because our render farm is on the large side, we face many
of the challenges of scale that those of you who work on internet-facing
applications will be familiar with. On the client side, we have an ocean of
data to track, and we try to provide our artists with simple tools to get
the most from that data. Frameworks like PySide, Bottle and TxWeb help us
to get there.

  Unsurprisingly, Twisted is well established in the pipeline at Weta, and
it's used in a diverse set of client, server and automated/unattended
applications. We've had superb service from Twisted, and we only
expect itsusage here to grow.

  We have roles in Production Engineering that we'd like to fill as soon as
we can, but we're protective of the great team that we have, and we try to
grow it carefully. We prefer to wait for the right people.

 If you're interested in helping us to deliver some extraordinary software
and film projects, we'd love to hear from you, and the recruitment form on
our site takes just a few minutes to fill in.


  Thank you

 Donal McMullan
 Senior Production Engineer
 Weta Digital
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