[Twisted-Python] So... Python 3.4 is getting its own async I/O system

Glyph glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Mon Mar 25 18:34:00 EDT 2013

On Mar 25, 2013, at 8:59 AM, Peter Westlake <peter.westlake at pobox.com> wrote:

> On Wed, Mar 20, 2013, at 9:36, Glyph wrote:
> ...
>> Since async file I/O is not a thing you can implement[1], ...
>> [1]: <http://blog.libtorrent.org/2012/10/asynchronous-disk-io/>
> Understood that it isn't possible to use native asynchronous I/O. But an
> implementation that used threads behind the scenes and returned a
> Deferred (for small files) or a Protocol (for big ones) would be a nice
> thing to have.

For what it's worth, I completely agree.  If someone has, or someone ever does, implement a nice async file I/O system, a nice abstract API for Twisted to do it would allow us to swap in such a thing and get a performance boost without anyone changing their code.

As Itamar says though, a Fount would be an ideal way to present this once I merge the Tubes branch.  (It'll be up for review any day now, thanks to all the help I got at PyCon...)

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