[Twisted-Python] debugging listenTCP

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Sun Mar 24 11:45:42 EDT 2013

On 12 Mar, 01:40 am, matt at conundrum.com wrote:
>I've got a weird one here.   I've just come back to some code that I 
>haven't worked on in a while, which is a simple XMLRPC server.  Last 
>time I touched it I was working on adding cred support, so I'd gone 
>from using a direct call to server.Site() in my listenTCP call to using 
>my own factory/portal/etc.
>When I fired it up this time, listenTCP was failing to bind to the 
>requested ports, but not raising an exception.  I started writing up an 
>email to ask about debugging this, but while doing information 
>collection it started working again.  Then not.  Now it's working 
>again.  It looks like I've got some sort of intermittent failure, but I 
>have no idea how to track it down.

Hi Matthew,

I wonder if you learned anything more about what was going on this case 
or if it's still causing problems for you.

>    # 'interfaces' is just a simple list of IP addresses.  The map()
>    # call provides formatting for the log message
>    logger.debug("Connecting to port {} on interfaces: {}".format(
>        port, ", ".join(map( lambda x: "'{}'".format(x), interfaces))))
>    for iface in interfaces:
>        reactor.listenTCP(port, factory, interface=iface)
>    reactor.run()
>The application should bind to [::1]:8602 and, and 
>logging seems to indicate this is what it's trying to do.
>01:28:31 [server      ] Connecting to port 8602 on interfaces: '::1', 
>However, intermittently lsof and netstat are showing no binding.
>>netstat -an | grep -c 8602
>I tried turning on twisted's internal logging, but that is giving me 
>nothing useful.  I see no way to turn up the debugging level on this 
>log, but I normally use python's standard logger and perhaps I've 
>missed some piece of documentation.  This is a sample from when it was 
>2013-03-12 01:28:31+0000 [-] Log opened.
>2013-03-12 01:28:31+0000 [-] ServerFactory starting on 8602
>2013-03-12 01:28:31+0000 [-] Starting factory 
><insurrection.server.ServerFactory instance at 0x85a81488>
>2013-03-12 01:28:31+0000 [-] ServerFactory starting on 8602
>Can anyone suggest anything more I can do to track down the problem 
>next time it crops up?
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