[Twisted-Python] Notes from Twisted BoF at PyCon 2013

Itamar Turner-Trauring itamar at futurefoundries.com
Wed Mar 20 14:24:37 EDT 2013

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What Should Tom Do?
- Tickets already in review before
- Deferred cancellation
- Deploy to new tummy machine (ASAP)
- Attempt trac upgrade in a way that allows switching back to current version
- Support for non-OpenSSL SSL libraries: API replacement for twisted.internet.ssl Certificate APIs, and transport layer implementation. Alternative backends include win32 APIs, OS X SecureTransport (aka libsecurityssl?) and the cross-platform libnss3 (Mozilla). A good starting point would be a API specification, that at minimum includes current functionality.
- twist: command-line without daemonization
- import krondo tutorial into twisted (if davep agrees), update to newer code
- lore output plugin that generates ReST via docutils parse tree objects, then write code to run sphinx on this output

GSoC/OPW projects:
- Deferred cancellation.
- Frack? Personally I'd prefer not.
- ICE (NAT busting) with Allen Short.
- lore2sphinx stuff mentioned above?
- twisted.web, e.g. returning Deferreds

Other notes:
- "A Week in Twisted: What we did this week" would be nice.
- Ralph Meijer wants to port Words to Python 3.
- twisted.conch.stdio is in theory great, but buggy, or missing keystrokes; needs maintenance
- kline and treq have nice Travis-CI configs (multiple Python and Twisted versions)
- Fundraising! VMWare, Truephone, Cisco, Google Fiber, Olark (words, ralphm talked to them), ...

Sprint topics:
- rewrite protocol implementations with parsley, add to twisted once its good enough. Parsley needs CI, benchmarks.

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