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I always thought that there is not enough art in STEM education, and
looking at how the STEAM powered education gains momentum, I can not resist
to throw in the idea to the Python community.

STEAM = (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics)

So far, the PyCon has talks that cover everything above around the core,
but not really much of A stuff. To me it would be interesting to see the
visualization of Twisted, the visualization of Stackless, the visualization
of how source code transforms to data and code sections in memory and how
the data is processed in this memory.

That may not be strictly related to the Python, but it is vital for Python
development that people know how things work starting from the moment they
press a key to launch a Python interpreter. That's the first thing people
do - they touch the key on a keyboard. That's  the entrypoint .

For the people who want to start with Python it will be interesting to see
how systems work in 3D, 2D or any other xD that is accepted by human brain
(even in 1D if we can accept the idea of a simple scroller for Python
source code). It will be interesting to see open source visualization
models that many people can iterate on and improve in parts.

I imagine some things to a some degree and can draw some sketches on paper,
but what would be awesome if people at PyCon could use the chance to gather
together and discuss the idea from the perspective of folks with visual
arts experience (Blender, ...) - will those twisted visualizations be
awesome? Will they be useful? Interesting for artists? What could happen to
make them possible and the whole process fun.
anatoly t.
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