[Twisted-Python] TODAY @ 4PM in Rm 202: BoF/Meetup session at PyCon USA 2013

Bradley M. Kuhn bkuhn at sfconservancy.org
Sat Mar 16 12:36:46 EDT 2013

I've set up a Conservancy BoF/Meetup session today at 16:00 (4PM) in
Room 202 (which is on floor 2A, you can find it on the map).

The meeting will last one hour, and is directly after the PyPy BoF
session (and in the same room).

Agenda for the earlier 4PM discussion is open, but can include:
   * Questions/concerns that existing Conservancy projects has.

   * Questions/discussion from existing Conservancy applicants or
     projects considering offers for membership.

   * A chance for different Representatives / Project Leadership
     Committess / contractors from different Conservancy projects to
     meet each other!

I look forward to seeing you there!
Bradley M. Kuhn, Executive Director, Software Freedom Conservancy

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