[Twisted-Python] How hard is it to have log levels, really? was: logging

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Fri Jun 21 17:40:40 MDT 2013

On Jun 20, 2013, at 4:03 PM, exarkun at twistedmatrix.com wrote:

> On 18 Jun, 08:58 pm, termim at gmail.com wrote:
>> From the practical POV the most welcomed first step in updating the Twisted
>> log system would be introduction of ready made log levels (with an ability
>> to filter on them in observers), fix of logPrefix thing and somewhat
>> extended set of available observers (syslog, email, socket, etc.)
>> Everything else could wait more detailed design etc.
> Is there an obstacle preventing this from being done with twisted.python.log?
> A completely new system written from scratch from the ground up might be great, but it doesn't seem necessary for something as simple as log level support.
> Jean-Paul

Nope.  Anyone who wants to start adding log levels to any existing messages is welcome to do so.  There's no particular conflict with the new system, either; more information in log messages will just be even easier to utilize with some of its improvements.


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