[Twisted-Python] github, again

Craig Rodrigues rodrigc at crodrigues.org
Tue Jun 4 13:09:28 MDT 2013


I think moving to github will be a huge win for the Twisted project,
and all the migration/integration issues are manageable.

I would recommend you keep two things in mind:

(1)  I am a member of the FreeBSD project, and am mentoring a Google Summer
of Code student.
      I pushed the student to use the github mirror of the FreeBSD
repository: https://github.com/freebsd/freebsd
      (unsupported officially by the FreeBSD project, but used by a lot of
      github worked great, but the only problem my GSoC student had was a
lot of RPC timeout errors
      when doing "git clone" of the FreeBSD code, which is quite a bit.
The student is in New Delhi, India, so I don't know what the networking
      connectivity to github from around the world is.
      It was not a complete showstopper, because github allows you to click
a link to download a single zip file of the repository, and that
      worked for him.
      So keep this in mind if you have a lot of Twisted developers around
the world.

(2)   Make sure you always have a "Plan B"/"Disaster Recovery" plan to get
the repo out of github.
       It's not that critical, but something worth keeping in your back
       In the past, project hosting sites like Sourceforge were very
       and then the fell out of favor for various reasons.  Today, github
is very popular, but who knows what will happen in future.
       If github works out in the long term, great, but if in future
something bad happens, Twisted should outlive github.

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