[Twisted-Python] github, again

Tobias Oberstein tobias.oberstein at tavendo.de
Tue Jun 4 10:42:39 MDT 2013

in general: +1 for this

> Finally, my own minor concern: Github has no notion of a "code review" as a unit of work.  A pull request is just "open" until it is "closed".
> <snip>

I _think_ the following is true (if so, I find that strange) - pls correct me if I'm wrong:

A pull request is not tied to a specific rev, but only to a source repo/branch.
While the pull isn't merged (and hence closed), more commits on the source repo/branch can be added.

So a pull request is kind of moving target ..

GitHub seems to view that as a feature, not bug:
Pull requests can be sent from any branch or commit but it's recommended that a topic branch be used so that follow-up commits can be pushed to update the pull request if necessary.

It's important to use a new branch for pull requests for several reasons:

It allows you to submit multiple pull requests without confusion. The classical Github gotcha is to continue committing to a pull request branch after making the initial request. When these commits are pushed to the remote, they will become part of the original pull request which often ends up conflating unrelated functionality.

However: https://github.com/blog/712-pull-requests-2-0
I'm not sure how to interpret that ..


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