[Twisted-Python] github, again

Adi Roiban adi at roiban.ro
Tue Jun 4 01:20:36 MDT 2013

Thanks for working on this!

Here are the points where I can help:

1. We'd need some consensus (hence this message).

I am still new to Twisted and only sent a few patched, but I am
looking forward for sending reviews in GitHub or BitButcket, any or
them is better than the current read-only SVN branch and attaching
diff files to the slow Trac.

4. We'd need a Github web hook that could poke Buildbot to kick off commits.

GitHub can send webhook for many events, and as a weekend hack I have
implemented a simple server to feed all GitHub activity, back to Trac.


If there is interest in syncing GitHub Pull request with Trac ticket,
I am happy to discuss more details in a separate thread. I am already
doing this for my prorject.

I have also implemented a bit of a workflow on top of GitHub Pull
request. For example leaving a comment in pull request with
needs-review, will set the review state in Trac. Leaving a comment
with needs-changes will remove the review state.

5. We'd need Buildbot integration to update Github pull requests with
build results when builds complete.

The Builbot integration with GitHub status was recently merged. I can
volunteer with support. I am also using this GitHub feature on my own
Buildbot instance.


7. Someone will need to convert every open ticket in review to a pull request.

I can volunteer for that.

Adi Roiban

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