[Twisted-Python] github, again

Christian Kampka chris at emerge-life.de
Mon Jun 3 15:51:19 MDT 2013

Am 03.06.2013 22:59, schrieb Glyph:
> Another objection is that Github is proprietary software, and an
> externally-maintained service that we'd be depending upon.
> One solution to the "proprietary software" thing is the availability of
> the MIT-licensed <http://gitlab.org>.  It's a largely feature-complete
> clone of Github; if, for some reason, we need to migrate away from
> Github in a hurry, it will be relatively painless to set up Gitlab
> instead, and the fact that Git is a DVCS means every contributor will
> serve as a backup.  The main reason I would not suggest just deploying
> it is that it creates another sticky infrastructure-management problem,
> and while Braid is great, I'd prefer to avoid creating /more/ work in
> that area.  Github also has APIs for literally all of their features, so
> we can create a backup script.
> (Also worth noting: Gitlab is an open-source competitor to Github, but
> they still trust Github enough to <https://github.com/gitlabhq/> host
> their own development there.)

It may be worth noting that the reason for gitlab being hosted on github
is probably due to the fact that up until very recently, gitlab had no
way for a non-registered user to access gitlab at all. Even though they
have introduced a "public area" for projects this does only include
anonymously cloning of a repository, you still cannot browse code or
look at issues, pull/merge request or wikis without a user account.

Although gitlab is great for internal projects, this lack of a proper
support for public features makes it imo not that suitable for open


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