[Twisted-Python] Monitoring Application

Werner Thie werner at thieprojects.ch
Sat Aug 24 13:14:15 MDT 2013

On 8/24/13 5:41 AM, entrash hotmail wrote:
> Hello,
> just started using Twisted and don't know how to manage communications
> in a monitoring application I'm building for Windows environment.
> I'm building an application where various client machines will be
> receiving real-time updates on the status of multiple servers (CPU/RAM
> usage, tasks running, ...). Clients should also be able to send commands
> to server machines (Start/Stop task, Shut down, Reboot, ...)
> What protocol should I use? I managed to get something running from a
> simple Echo server sample, but I guess it's not the best curse of action
> as I could end up having 10 machines establishing a connection every few
> seconds to each of the 20 or so servers we have.
> Is there a sample of a similar setup I could follow?


In such situations I would have a go at it with twisted/spread. I don't 
have a sample for what you describe, but use spread for machine/process 
monitoring and control in a game server environment. (see thread on this 
list from some weeks ago)


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