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On Aug 19, 2013, at 10:38 AM, Matt Haggard <haggardii at gmail.com> wrote:

> ... [a story] ...

Very entertaining :-).

My one disappointment with the narrative was that when you were lushly describing standing in an open field west of the white house, you neglected to mention that there was a mailbox there.

> I want to mow the lawn, so to speak.  I want to plant flowers and make
> the One Front Door more prominent.  I'm considering making a site
> dedicated to people learning Twisted.  It would be cool if it there
> were things showcasing running Twisted services (websockets + ssh +
> irc or something).
> Is there interest in this?

Of course.

I'd be happy to see what you come up with in terms of a site specifically for beginners.  I think you might need to do more than one; after all, "do you want to make an IRC bot or a name server or an all-singing all-dancing website with IMAP and XMPP on the side?" is a tough counter-question to ask of someone who just asks "what is Twisted?".

But let's not neglect the existing site!  I can see a lot of value of having some alternate entry-points, but there are probably things that you'd like those entry-points to link to on the Twisted site proper, which may not exist.  If you'd like make them exist by doing some web site maintenance ("wiki gardening"), I'd be happy to give you the relevant credentials on https://twistedmatrix.com/trac/.  Patches to documentation are always welcome too, although (as always) we need help to get the review queue back to a manageable size so they can be landed in a timely manner.  Even little changes (like this update that I made to the Trial page a few years ago) can help a lot.

I'm pretty sure we can scare up some hosting resources for things if you want to have some kind of demo persistent Twisted services running.  twistedmatrix.com is no longer buckling under the pressure of its users - why, I just ssh'd in, and the load is less than 1.0!  By our historical standards that's practically idle! ;-)  And we have some other machines that we have not had the system administration bandwidth to make effective use of.

It's also worthwhile to periodically really review the state of things, so you don't fix problems that are already fixed, or at least you build on solutions that are already in progress.  Sometimes us old-timers who remember when the docs were _really_ bad and there were _big_ gaps (the mention of the "index" makes me think you are remembering when <http://twistedmatrix.com/documents/current/> was just a blank directory listing) don't always appreciate how much things have improved in the intervening years.

Not to say that the state of the documentation and particularly the "new user experience" doesn't still have a long, long way to go :-).

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