[Twisted-Python] GSOC 2013 Project Idea for Twisted Matrix

Chitrank Dixit chitrankdixit at gmail.com
Sun Apr 21 03:00:50 EDT 2013

Good Morning

Hello Lauren and exarkun As per the page you have suggested to me

I have progressed to step 3 and submitted some of the patches that are
under review process. I have submitted some of the patches

but these patches have Low or somewhat Normal priority and these are tagged
"easy" not "easy gsoc" or "documentation gsoc". So Is it okay for me to
apply for the Google Summer of Code. Meanwhile I am getting familiar with
the Twisted Development Process. Using one of the Source provided at the
Twisted Website that is Orielly Twisted Network Programming Essentials.
So would it be alright ?.

Should I keep on submitting such patches or try for some more higher
priority patches ?

Should I give my project proposal to the Mentor ?

Please let me know

*Chitrank Dixit
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