[Twisted-Python] GSoC and OPW Participation

Jiabao Wu jiabao.foss at gmail.com
Tue Apr 16 09:16:39 EDT 2013


I am Jiabao Wu, 1st year postgraduate student in Australian National
University. At the end of last year, I graduated in B.IT in ANU with double
major of Software Development and IT in New Media Arts.

I am currently studying a course of free and opensource software
development. This has boosted my passion to contribute to the FOSS
community. I am going to apply GSoC and OPW. In the mean time, I would like
to start contribute to Twisted.

The "Maintain a sub-project" sounds really fun to me and seems within my
capability. "Rewrite twisted.web.client.getPage using Agent" also looks
cool for me. Could you give me some suggestions which sub-project is a good
choice for starting?

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