[Twisted-Python] Twisted source, changes and social analysis

exarkun at twistedmatrix.com exarkun at twistedmatrix.com
Fri Apr 5 08:24:26 EDT 2013

On 28 Mar, 05:16 pm, jonathan at stoppani.name wrote:
>Hello everybody (with access to the Trac DB),
>I am currently doing my master thesis on the "analysis and management
>of change propagation in complex systems". I'm concentrating my
>efforts on software-based complex systems.
>As part of my analysis, I gather data from different domains, such as
>dependencies between modules of the source code, interactions between
>people (like, for example, this mailing list) and change requests (in
>this specific case, issues and tickets on an issue tracking system).
>A couple of weeks ago I asked on IRC if it would be possible to get
>the Trac data from twistedmatrix.com and I was told to write a script
>to dump the database by excluding sensitive information.
>The script is up for review and auditing over here:
>It can be run by saving it to a .py file or directly with the following 
>curl -s 
>| python - <projenv> <outfile>
>(by replacing the two arguments: trac base directory and the output 
>There are no privacy concerns, as all data being analyzes is publicly
>available, either in the repository, in the mailing list archives or
>on twistedmatrix.com
>After being reviewed, can someone with access to the server please run
>it for me?

Hi Jonathan,

A couple questions about the script.  There are a few more tables in the 
database that I'm not sure will be interesting to you.

Do you mind if we also exclude:


Some of the tables are also basically an inefficient mirror of the 
subversion repository - revision, node_change.  Do you want this data as 

Lastly, I have some reluctance to distribute the contents of the 
permission table.  I could probably be easily convinced to do so, but if 
you don't thing you'll actually use that data, I'd just as soon not.

>P.S.: If someone would like more details about the research, a draft
>of the project statement can be found here:
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>Twisted-Python at twistedmatrix.com

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