[Twisted-Python] Current callback best practices

Hynek Schlawack hs at ox.cx
Tue Apr 2 06:52:39 EDT 2013


I’ve asked this one already at the Twisted dinner (thanks again for it, it was probably my PyCon highlight) and got various answers from people sitting around me. I’m still indecisive so I’d like to gather even more opinions[1]. I already tried to ask on IRC but my time zone is just not very #twisted friendly so I got zero replies.

My question can be simplified to: Closures yes or no?

They seem *really* handy since they allow to have some data present without handing it through all the time. Eg in my cred checker, I can refer to the user name from the closure instead of passing it around all the time – making the code much cleaner. Also most current examples and callbacks-are-hard-FUD-rebuttals seem to use them.

OTOH, private methods like `_cbPrintResult` are nicer to test individually.

If “yes, closures”: Still using cb/eb prefixes? I don’t see them very often in recent examples. What about addBoth handlers?

Bonus points for the preferred style for the Twisted code base.

Thanks in advance & thank you for your time,

[1]: I’d be glad if people from the dinner replied again too so I/we have it in written form, my memory tends to be rather sloppy.

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