[Twisted-Python] Twisted + Redis-py + Connection Pooling

Arkadiusz Rzadkowolski a.rzadkowolski at gmail.com
Sun Sep 30 06:24:24 EDT 2012

Thank you very much for your reply Itamar. I have switched to txredisapi
which is non-blocking library and my problem was solved.

2012/9/29 Itamar Turner-Trauring <itamar at futurefoundries.com>

> One problem in the code: it kinda seems you want to receive lines, but
> you're overriding dataReceived instead of lineReceived in
> RedisWorkProtocol. At the very minimum you shouldn't assume dataReceived is
> called with the exact bytes that were written on the other side.
> More importantly, I assume redis-py is blocking. Calling a blocking API
> from Twisted will block the reactor, preventing any other code from running
> until it the API call returns. As such it means you can't have two queries
> to redis running at the same time, unless you use something like
> deferToThread, or a redis client that supports Twisted directly.
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