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On Oct 21, 2012, at 9:55 PM, Jasper St. Pierre <jstpierre at mecheye.net> wrote:

> As I said, the issue I had was not "svn diff" -- I had been working on
> my fix, uploaded it to Trac, and it was a few months or so before
> someone reviewed it. I forget who it was, but the reviewer prompted me
> to make a few small style changes, flesh out a testcase, write a .news
> file, that sort of thing. I updated my source tree to pull in new
> changes from trunk, to make sure the patch that I had been working on
> didn't rot. I was frustrated when I got merge conflicts for files that
> I've never touched before.

If you can replicate the exact branch and changes you had difficulty with, I'd love to hear about the specifics, because this sounds like maybe it's a gotcha we should add to some development documentation.  It should not be possible for this to happen with a simple 'svn up' so I want to know what command to tell users they should avoid.

Feel free to reply off-list if it gets into fiddly details of subversion that might be off-topic.

> This is another rhetorical anecdote, I tried using git-svn when I was
> contributing to PyPy during the SVN days. It just didn't work out. I
> don't know or can't say the same for bzr-svn or hg-svn or whatever
> else cross-VCS systems there are, but I was left with a bad taste in
> my mouth, so I figured it would be more worthwhile to stick with the
> original source tool.

You say "rhetorical anecdote", I say "FUD" :).  But, perhaps you are more just in the class of users that need somebody like Duncan's help in order to use git against Twisted effectively, rather than the class of users who know the version control tools well enough to be able to provide that help.

> I may just be a drooling moron.

I didn't say you were a "moron", being unable to figure out git's UI for something is merely an indication that you probably aren't eligible for the Fields medal; frankly I have a great deal of difficulty with it as well.  If I didn't, I might have updated things myself.

I hope you'll have a better time once those instructions are updated.


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