[Twisted-Python] Adding mock as a test suite dependency

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Sun Oct 21 23:00:14 EDT 2012

On Oct 21, 2012, at 7:45 PM, Julian Berman <julian at grayvines.com> wrote:

> The *benefit* though for me in having mock present is that it decreases the
> lines of code necessary to write stubs and mocks. While doing so is not really
> that difficult anyhow, it *is* just a bit more clutter to do so without mock,
> and the extra 3 or 4 lines mean that in more than one instance I have found
> myself pick a different strategy than I would have because of the extra lines
> of code that clutter the test method.

This seems like a pretty small benefit; adding a new dependency affects lots of people and introduces a new point of failure in the installation process, especially for Windows users who already have a devil of a time getting Twisted installed.

Also I don't particularly like the testing style associated with Mock.  I think it might discourage us yet further from writing verified fakes, i.e. supported in-memory implementations of things like IReactorTCP, that have somewhat intricate behavior that's tedious to emulate with Mock.

Personally I'm -0.  Don't let that stop you from cooking up a patch that would include it though, I might be in the minority here.


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