[Twisted-Python] Is Ampoule still maintained?

Maxim Lacrima lacrima.maxim at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 03:41:32 EST 2012

Hi, glyph!

Would anyone else like to step up to volunteer to maintain Ampoule?
> Twisted eventually needs to grow its own simplified process pool, and my
> hope was that Ampoule could serve as a proving ground to get that
> implemented and tested well.  I can probably harass dialtone to give commit
> access to some more people if there were real interest.
I am experimenting with Ampoule right now, trying to find out how suitable
it is for a project I have been working on. It would be cool if Twisted had
its own process pool implementation. I would certainly like to contribute.
However, I am newbie, so many things aren't clear to me. I will try to get
a thorough understanding about how Ampoule works or maybe write my own
implementation. In any case I will write to this mailing list when I have
something to share.

with regards,
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