[Twisted-Python] question : dbus for twistd application framework

Itamar Turner-Trauring itamar at itamarst.org
Tue May 29 08:14:03 MDT 2012

On 05/28/2012 11:03 PM, bino oetomo wrote:
> Dear all ...
> I need my twistd script to also 'listen' to dbus.
> The only example that I found so far is :
> http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/attachment/ticket/1352/dbus-twisted.py
> Buit that example not using some thing like :
> application = service.Application("MyApp")
> Is there any example of dbus implementation on twistd that use
> service.Application ?
Applications are just a *deployment* method, providing startup and 
shutdown notification; they're not really relevant to how you interact 
with dbus. See 
http://twistedmatrix.com/documents/current/core/howto/application.html - 
converting code from reactor.run() to Application/twistd usage just 
involves creating a Service.

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