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Thu May 31 07:57:00 MDT 2012

A. "do operation and get notified when done"

instead of

B. "get notified when ready and then do operation".

The native Windows API is A., Posix the B and operation =3D read, write, op=
en, stat, ..

I think A. is more natural, since how do wait for a file to be ready to get=

Do the open/stat and get notified when done seems to be straight forward rg=
d API.

Do you think a library with API pattern A would make a nice basis for a Twi=
sted reactor?
> better interop with node.js would be great, but it's definitely not a pla=
ce we
> should go looking for new core features.

;) I knew it would be controversial .. if only for the fact that it's from =
the node guys ... with support by Microsoft.

> The tricky part of this is not implementation; on today's OSes (except
> maaaaybe solaris?), you just have to use threads or subprocesses, end of =

Weeeell, Windows. People say IOCP/OverlappedIO works. Without threads. For =
file I/O also .. don't think for open/stat/.. though.

On Linux there is eventfd ..

> The tricky part is finding an interface for things that is nice and gener=
al and
> isn't just a Deferred that fires with a Deferred with a Deferred on top.
> So, <>, probably.  If we're all lucky I'll have some tim=
e to move
> the ball on that on Saturday.
> -glyph
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