[Twisted-Python] Did anyone use pprocess before?

Peng Xiao -X (penxiao - Digital China at Cisco) penxiao at cisco.com
Sun Mar 25 21:59:52 EDT 2012

Hi experts,

I have a question about pprocess module.

When I use:


time1 = time.time()

results = pprocess.pmap(calculate, sequence, limit=limit)

time2= time.time()

# Show the results.

for result in results[i*N:i*N+N]:


time3 = time.time()


I found

time2 - time1 = 0.8 seconds,

but time3 - time2 = 7 seconds.

calculate the results is very fast, but when I use for loop to get the
result from the results, it's slow, why?

Does anyone know this? very thanks.







Xiao Peng


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