[Twisted-Python] HTTPS proxy with twisted?

Steve Chapel schapel at umich.edu
Sun Mar 11 12:18:29 EDT 2012


I am doing a research project for a security class that involves writing 
an HTTP and HTTPS proxy. The intent of this proxy is to ensure that 
communications that should be secure are secure, without bombarding the 
user with false warnings about potential man-in-the-middle attacks, for 
example, when a website legitimately uses a self-signed certificate.

I will need to write an HTTPS proxy, which will examine the certificates 
sent from the web server and determine whether the certificate is valid 
or invalid. If the proxy determines if the certificate is valid, I will 
need to resign the document. I suppose this will require that the proxy 
be a certificate authority and will generate certificates for websites, 
which the proxy will then use to sign the documents. Will this be 
something that twisted can do easily? If so, where can I find 
documentation for how to do this?


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