[Twisted-Python] Twisted TCP Window Full due to time-consuming fuction

Peng Xiao -X (penxiao - Digital China at Cisco) penxiao at cisco.com
Wed Mar 7 03:37:03 EST 2012

Hi experts


I have a program written by twisted to receive data from the server.

But the speed is a little slow.

The problem happened in the code below

    def dataReceived(self, data):



        Appends newly received data to the receive buffer, and

        then attempts to parse as many messages as possible.



        # Buffer possibly incomplete data first

        self.receiveBuffer += data

                # Attempt to parse as many messages as possible



the function of parseBuffer will return false if the self.receiveBuffer
has no message, and then the twisted will receive data from buffer

Because the function of parseBuffer is a litter time consuming, so the
receive buffer is full sometimes.



Could there anybody help me out? Thanks a lot.





Xiao peng

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