[Twisted-Python] Twisted/PyPy rocks!

Tobias Oberstein tobias.oberstein at tavendo.de
Thu Mar 1 20:04:38 EST 2012

> Fixing these failing tests, or working on getting the dependencies working on
> PyPy, would be a great way to contribute to both Twisted and PyPy. :)
> Jean-Paul

It's funny: kqueue seems to be chasing me;)

I've got PyPy release built from source on FreeBSD9, and Twisted trunk running
complete Autobahn WebSockets testsuite green. Fine. But only for poll reactor.

As it turns out, kqueue support in PyPy is not yet there .. I've contacted the
PyPy guys .. code was started, but unfinished.

I guess I'll take on finishing kqueue/PyPy. Have to see how complex that gets.
My motivation is making FreeBSD, kqueue, Twisted, PyPy a fully working

In that course, I might also setup a 2nd FreeBSD slave for PyPy/Twisted trials.

I have yet to try pyOpenSSL, as that is actually the last piece (hopefully) of the
puzzle ... hopefully that doesn't introduce more issues ..


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