[Twisted-Python] Twisted/PyPy rocks!

Tobias Oberstein tobias.oberstein at tavendo.de
Thu Mar 1 11:19:00 EST 2012

Just wanted to say: PyPy running Twisted rocks!

Works just out of the box: PyPy, Twisted + Autobahn.

Speedups of up to multiple times .. without a single code change.

* Tornado seems to be unstable on PyPy .. at least in my testing (sporadic segfaults)
* have been able to outperform node.js and others (incl. JVM) based WebSocket implementations
* only beaten by websocket++ - a C++/ASIO based implementation. expected.


Couple of points:

* Have been able to use poll reactor on Linux, but epoll doesnt work .. is that expected? Maybe because the epoll reactor implementation uses Twisted own C wrapper instead of the - only
recently - available one in Python standard lib?

* I will test PyPy with kqueue on FreeBSD .. 

* Are there regular buildslaves running trial on PyPy? Does that make sense?


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