[Twisted-Python] AMP WebSockets bridging

Tobias Oberstein tobias.oberstein at tavendo.de
Sat Jun 16 03:20:20 EDT 2012

> Do you happen to know what the figures are like for iOS? I know mobile Safari only got web sockets in 4.something (1 or 2), I'm not sure what version of the protocol it speaks either, and obviously flash isn't an option...

4.2.1 .. which includes very old devices like iPod Touch 2nd gen.

All those speak Hixie-76 .. I don't know yet about iOS6 (do you have a device? would set up a test ..)

FWIW, Windows Phone 8 will come with IE10, and hence first class RFC6455. I don't know if MS ports that down to WP <8.

You can find more details rgd. WebSocket browser support here http://autobahn.ws/browsers

Disclosure: I am affiliated with above (but the information given there applies in general) .. and said that, let me at least mention 2 other probably controversial points;)

Protocol. I understand you are into AMP. IMHO there will be at least 2 others in that fields of higher level messaging across WebSocket:

STOMP over WebSocket

WebSocket Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP)

Twisted WebSocket. There is also https://github.com/tavendo/AutobahnPython .. OSS project I run. This does Hixie-76 and WAMP.


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