[Twisted-Python] [OT] Re: twisted/python3/ubuntu 12.10

Stephen Waterbury stephen.c.waterbury at nasa.gov
Fri Jun 15 11:41:53 EDT 2012

Apologies for continuing a bit OT, but I suspect others on
twisted-python would be interested too ...

So when you "get Python 2" would that be /usr/bin/python2?
And if you wanted a /usr/bin/python, it would be up to you
to create a link to whichever of 2 or 3 you wanted it to be?


On 06/15/2012 10:23 AM, Barry Warsaw wrote:
> On Jun 14, 2012, at 02:27 PM, Wolfgang Rohdewald wrote:
>> it seems that Ubuntu 12.10 will only preinstall Python3, no Python2.7.
>> So programs using twisted (including my own) will not come preinstalled.
>> how is progress going with twisted and Python3?
> Just to be clear, the mandate for Python 3 is just for the standard desktop
> image.  We won't ship Python 2 on that image, but this does not affect server
> or any other flavor.  It doesn't change what /usr/bin/python points to or the
> status of Python 2 in the archives.  It *does* mean that right after a fresh
> install from the desktop image, you won't have /usr/bin/python, but you will
> have /usr/bin/python3, and you'll likely get Python 2 pretty soon after you
> install anything not on the image.
> We're having some internal discussions about how Canonical and Ubuntu can help
> with the porting effort, but as is usual these things take time.  I've been
> hoping to get in touch with Vladimir on IRC to discuss things further, but
> just haven't connected yet.
> Cheers,
> -Barry
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