[Twisted-Python] [RFC] Introducing six as a dependency

Tobias Oberstein tobias.oberstein at tavendo.de
Fri Jul 27 09:40:22 EDT 2012

> >It is obscure. And I don't have a link, but the official Python on
> >Windows builds are done using Microsoft Visual C++ 2008.
> >
> >- VS 2010 will NOT work
> >- the free VS 2008 Express works (for 32-bit builds .. it does not
> >include a 64-bit compiler)
> >
> >To build Twisted working with official binary Python builds, the exact
> >same compiler is needed: VS2008.
> The question isn't "What compiler is needed to build Twisted?"  People on this
> list probably know that already (I certainly do, since I set up several of Twisted's
> Windows buildslaves).  The question is "How could a user ever hope to find out
> what compiler is needed to build Twisted?"

IMO, the build should figure that out (pip/easy_install). Why should I take the burden
of searching through docs (however easy those may be or may not be to find),
when the build tool can detect and inform me about the compiler needed?

Of course that again underlines the deficiencies glyph pointed out with pip/easy_install.

Twisted might compensate those by including detection in it's build scripts .. but
that will be controversial for sure (compensating for stuff that would better be
fixed elsewhere ..)

> As long as the Python documentation fails to answer this question better than it
> does now (and VS2008 is not the correct answer: the correct answer _depends
> on the Python version_), Windows users will not have an easy time of it.

Yeah, right;) I didn't want to say Python 1.5 builds with VS2008, but the current Py2 one.

> Jean-Paul
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