[Twisted-Python] SMTP authentication

Phil Mayers p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk
Tue Jul 24 10:30:04 EDT 2012

On 24/07/12 15:16, Sarah Addis wrote:
> Ok.. so I have found this piece of code in my smtp.py file:
>      def _registerAuthenticators(self):
>          # Register Authenticator in order from most secure to least secure
> self.registerAuthenticator(CramMD5ClientAuthenticator(self.username))
>          self.registerAuthenticator(LOGINAuthenticator(self.username))
>          self.registerAuthenticator(PLAINAuthenticator(self.username))
> so if I switch the order around to put PLAINAuthenticator first will
> this hopefully work?

Should do, if I understand the code correctly. See my other email for a 
different approach.

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