[Twisted-Python] Autobahn 0.5.5 released

Tobias Oberstein tobias.oberstein at tavendo.de
Mon Jul 23 08:11:51 EDT 2012


AutobahnPython 0.5.5 has been released adding new WebSocket and WAMP features.

WebSocket/WAMP servers now not only can run standalone, but also take part as a Twisted Web Resource in a Site.

This allows to run multiple Web services on one port under differents paths: i.e. mix plain File serving, with WebSocket
and WAMP - this was a requested feature.

Also, notably, all of RFC6455, Hybi-10+ and Hixie-76 protocol versions are supported. The latter still being needed for
Safari (desktop/mobile) i.e.

Here is an example:

For WAMP, you now can register custom RPC handlers. Please see the docs for details.

WAMP-CRA, the challange-response authentication now fully workes Deferred based, which streamlines ist use.

The optional status page a WebSocket server can render (for clients accessing it not via WebSocket, but accidently via HTTP)
can now be provided a redirect target, so that automatic redirect to another page happens, after a timeout.


Project Homepage: http://autobahn.ws/
Package: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/autobahn
WAMP Protocol: http://wamp.ws/


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