[Twisted-Python] A few simple questions

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Tue Jul 17 14:20:56 EDT 2012

On Jul 17, 2012, at 9:25 AM, Russell E. Owen <rowen at uw.edu> wrote:

>> Can you elaborate on the case?
> I've found that Twisted sometimes swallows errors unless I am extremely 
> careful. I would like to be able to check a protocol to make sure it is 
> operational (connected and happy) as a means of assuring that I've not 
> missed an error.

This isn't really elaborating.

What error does Twisted swallow?  In what manner do you have to be "careful"?  What characterizes a protocol's "happiness" beyond its momentary connected-ness?  How would you "miss" an error?

Twisted is event-driven, so pretty much all the state changes you're interested in are delivered as events (method calls on your object).  If you are "missing" them because Twisted isn't calling them, that sounds like a really serious bug we should investigate.  If you're missing them for some other reason then you should just fix your code so it doesn't miss them any more :).

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